Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yet Another Hotel Metasearch - Hotelicopter

TechCrunch reports on the launch of the new metasearch,, noting that it is the first to provide "Facebook Connect integration, which it can use to power social hotel recommendations and to also let your friends know where you’re staying" as well as cool April Fool's day stunt to get attention.


The site has a clean interface, allowing users to use sliding bars to narrow down their search results by price, star rating (based on reviews from TripAdvisor), and checkboxes for amenities you might want (internet access, included breakfast, etc). Prices are clearly noted next to rooms, and users can directly book their rooms without having to jump through other hoops.

All in all, it seems to work well, but there just doesn’t seem to be a whole lot distinguishing Hotelicopter from other sites like Kayak. That said, the people behind Hotelicopter clearly have a good sense of humor (and marketing), so they may be able to make a name for themselves in the crowded space.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

iMediaConnection: Online Marketing vs eCommerce

I am starting to write for imediaconnection of DMG. The first article is about the difference between online marketing and eCommerce (excerpt):

The difference between online marketing and eCommerce, and how to make sense of it all.

The internet is such a vast and confusing medium that a plethora of roles and job titles that were created to make sense of it all. Gurus, evangelists, optimizers, specialists and demand generators have all stepped up to the plate to take over the world of new media, emerging media, ebusiness, online marketing and ecommerce. But just because the terms are used regularly does not mean that the roles are clearly defined.

Having been an eCommerce Director for a hotel group, I can't tell you how many people have asked me: "What does that mean, are you like a webmaster?", or "You do online marketing, right?" So the oversimplified explanation is:

eCommerce is to online marketing as sales is to marketing in the traditional off-line business world.

Click here to read the full article.

Joe out

Friday, August 29, 2008

Web Wednesday 7.0 - Kevin Huang - Pixel Media Asia

Kevin is in town and agreed to speak on his experience in China.

This was the first time at Brewerkz for Web Wednesday Singapore. We had about 200 people turn up. It's great in that we did not know most of them. I think 30% are recurring guests that show up now and then. And 70% new faces.

Then again, the numbers are increasing - so 30% last month represented over 40% of visitors in July. Hey, I am data geek.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Akamai: "How Secure Is The Internet"

I ran across this the other day and thought it was interesting so thought I would post it:

In addition to the more well-known threats such as viruses and "phishing" (the practice of sending bogus e-mails purportedly representing a business in an attempt to get access to a person's password and account), Leighton described the following problem.

* Denial of service attacks. In a "denial of service attack," a Web site's IP address is bombarded with traffic in an attempt to overwhelm the infrastructure managing the site. "Bad guys," Leighton explained, can use armies of "bots" - computers controlled, often unbeknownst to their owners, after having been infected with a virus or a worm - to launch denial of service attacks. Such an attack can be targeted at a company or more broadly. For example, InformationWeek reported on February 6, 2007, that on that day a denial of service attack "nearly took down" three of the Internet's 13 so-called root servers, temporarily slowing the three servers. Though the attack did not have a significant effect on Internet endusers, what would happen if a denial of service attack ever actually succeeded in bringing down all 13 of the Internet's root servers? Were that ever to occur, it wouldn't take long before "your browser wouldn't be able to go anywhere; you wouldn't be able to send e-mail. Nothing on the Internet would work," Leighton said.

* "Pharming." "Pharming," Leighton explained, often exploits a weakness in the DNS, an Internet protocol that allows a "bad guy" to tell a device known as a name server, of which there are millions, that it owns the IP address of an organization such as a financial institution. The hacker will then receive the traffic from that name server meant to go to the financial institution, and the hacker can then send that traffic to a bogus Webpage that looks like the financial institution's own sign-in page. In the process, Leighton explained, criminals can gain password and account information. What's more, the user may not realize what has happened. Leighton added that another type of "pharming" can use a different Internet protocol known as BGP protocol, to siphon off some of the traffic intended for a given site to a bogus site, again in an attempt to gain password and account information.

More troubling still are the larger implications of these techniques if applied against a nation rather than for commercial gain. For example, Leighton noted that one worry is if terrorists could gain account and password information to access critical infrastructure, such as the nation's utilities system.

Link to article here.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Web Wednesday Singapore V 5.0

It's Wednesday again. That's Web Wednesday. And yes, it is technically Wednesday since this is posted at 1am on Wed, 25th June 2008. Here's what we are up to:


Hello again, it is Web Wednesday time again – Version 5.0. Funny how time flies, we are now halfway through the year. Things seem to be heating up in the interactive sector for everyone.

One of the hottest topics in the interactive advertising space at the moment is in-game advertising. This month, Web Wednesday Singapore is proud to present one of the leaders in this sector, Massive Inc. We will have a presentation this month by In-Jun Jung, the regional lead for Massive who will give us an overview of the In-Game Advertising market in Asia and show us examples of some of the most innovative In-Game Advertising around.

Last month’s panel on Advertising Networks was well attended and generated a very good debate. Thanks again to Charles at Faciliate for moderating and to our panelists Fred from .fox, Matt from AdMax and Alex from Aktiv. Last event we had over 80 industry professionals in attendance. Unfortunately, we have outgrown the J-bar at the M-Hotel (thanks to them for their support through 4 good rounds!) and will now be moving to a NEW LOCATION with a good AV system (better to hear you with) and more space for drinks and discussion.

This month the Web Wednesday Event will be at the Victoria Bar at the Intercontinental Hotel at Bugis Junction on Wednesday the 25th of June from 6:30-8:30pm.

The event is the night before Ad:Tech Singapore, so feel free to bring any friends or colleagues from the interactive community that happen to be in town for the event. (Also remember to sign up and attend the Ad:Tech Singapore conference – it promises to be a fantastic event.

Also this month, has come on board as a sponsor for Web Wednesday Singapore and will be hosting the ‘first drink of the evening’ – register at the entrance and get your first drink courtesy of!

As usual, no sales pitches, no boring speeches, just discussion, drinks and networking!

See you all on Wednesday the 25th at the Intercontinental Hotel!


Andy, Joe and Kevin

Web Wednesday Singapore


About Massive Inc:

Massive Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft Corp., is the creator of a leading network for dynamic video game advertising. The Massive Network offers advertisers the ability to engage an aggregated gaming audience in real time across multiple platforms. Over 200 blue-chip advertisers have run campaigns across the Massive Network throughout North America and Europe. Now they are coming to APAC. Massive’s technology allows for all forms of downloadable media and advertising content to be contextually integrated into the game environment, including image, audio, video and game object formats. More information can be found online at

Join us on Wednesday June 25 at The Victoria Bar at the Intercontinental Hotel to meet Massive and learn a bit more about their offering in APAC.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Last Post?

Well, I have not posted for almost a month and there are good reasons for that.

1) I was on vacation for the second half of May, and

2) I resigned from Millennium hotels

I have joined Omniture (the Leader in Online Business Optimization) and there are rules concerning employee blog. So I have to navigate that one before I start blogging again. And in any case, I may have to change the blog name to something else ... like



Thursday, May 15, 2008

SlideShare: Show Me the eMoney and Eye For Travel 2008

A buddy told me about and I finally got onto it. Very cool stuff. Essentially you can upload any presentation - powerpoint, pdf, keynote - and they will webinize it. You can make it public or keep it private. You can add mp3 files to make it a Webinar. The main problem thus far is that it does not do the animations from powerpoint, and also it does not allow you to edit the slides onces it is uploaded. Though you can upload a new version.

Anyhow, I figure I would upload two full presentation that I have discussed before:

Show me the eMoney! from my post in February after my Web Wednesday presentation.

The second one is Web 2.0 and the Online Marketplace from my Eye For Travel 2008 conference here in Singapore.